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We are a leading responsible tour operating multiple service provider in sri Lanka
CALL AN EXPERT ON +94 77 3938379
We are a leading responsible tour operating multiple service provider in sri Lanka


LANKA HOLIDAYS.NET COVID-19 Health and Safety standard operating systems (SOP)

  • All staff will have one form send to foreign tour agents to find out all confirmed tour clients to fill the following format to for prevention purpose. Just keep this form in English only. Check this on Check list format
  • Please ensure to inform prior to confirmation of the tour all clients arriving to Sri Lanka to stay one night close proximity to the Airports.(Maththala or Katunayake )
  • Operational Tour Packets, Guide/Driver Settlement, Tour Itinerary , Petty Cash ,Log Sheets to Use on Email or whats app form to reduce minimum contact with persons
  • 10 Thermometers will intend to give according booking forecast, this will be given to all tour guides/ Drivers. On Completion sanitize properly and check by tour Executive.
  • Work office times and staff will be on Roster basis
  • As far as possible, arrange tickets to attractions and activities via online or advance bookings in order to avoid exposing of tourists to overcrowding situations at such places.
  • All persons who enter office, should get their temp. Check and maintain record book with all details – such as address,date. This will be assigned to a dedicated executive who sits in front of the lobby area of the office
  • Please make sure to follow SOP check list properly on tour crews before commit any tours. Also make sure to provide additional masks, sanitize to the vehicle and

IF the tourist does not adhere to compliance make sure to give this and keep us inform, In the event if tourist does not agree,
INFORM the foreign tour operatorand make sure they contact to tourist to adhere the procedures.
IF NOT AGREE HALTOR SEIZE continuation of tourand inform PHIin respective area (PHI contact detailed  available at  and also callMOH HOTLINE 1390 / SLTDA Hotline 1912and ask for necessary actions to be taken.

  • In the event of suspected covid 19 case arisefrom staff member, tour crew and tourist while on tour if they have symptoms –fever (Above 37C), cough, sore throat, shortness breath etc. immediately self-isolate the close contacts.
  • Firstly Contact our office staff Vidya 0773938379  –  24/7 emergency assistance,  while on the tour 
    *     Then Call MOH  HOTLINE 1390and Call PHI in respective area(PHI contact details available at
  • Call SLTDA hotline 1912
  • Inform relevant foreign operator and embassy / high commission/honorary consulate.
  • Upon receiving proper guideline given by MOH we will arrange nearest immediate medical assistance where applicable.
  • The staff will be strictly advised and instructed to maintain the safe physical distancing of 1.5m at all times and during all interactions of a tour guides/ Drivers, Payments seekers,Peons, Hotel sales staff etc.
  • All staff will have to use Mask inside office and sanitize frequently. Also make sure visitors wear the same. NO person should be allowed without Mask to enter to office premises.
  • All operational staff to use Covid -19 Certify places in their tour itineraries. This information should all times get from SLTDA website. Also inform same to foreign tour operator’s latest lists regularly.
  • Ensure the number of passengers inside a vehicle is limited to maintain the recommended safe distancing between seated passengers;
  • Inform all tour guides/Drivers/Support staff to get Tourists to sanitize hands and disinfectant footwear prior to boarding a vehicle and wearing of face masks is compulsory during the journey.
  • The bus driver and support staff should ensure that the recommended safe distance between seated passengers are maintained at all times during the journey.
  • Inform all drivers to use a safety foot pedal bin in the vehicle and use separate yellow color bag to collect daily disposal Mask, gloves and other used items and dispose PPE daily  to hotel’s covid 19 designated bins according to guidelines.
  • Make sure all drivers/ Guides should not stop the vehicle at any uncertified shops, restaurants, sites, or shopping malls
  • Inform All Tour Guides/ Drivers to have a PCR test done every 14 days after a tour and get us the copy for our reference. If any tour guides/Drivers have any kind of covid 19 symptoms without temperature or any symptoms make sure to seek medical attention soon.
  • Post tour, refer the check list of all tour crews and check the vehicle been sanitized properly before handing next tour.
  • ALL PAYMENTS TO HOTEL, GUIDE, SITES,and DRIVERS should USE online banking methods at all times. Make zero cash handling at all times.

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